3 Important Hires You Must Have on Your Team

Some roles are nice to have and some roles are MUST HAVES.

Here we’ll briefly go over the mandatory hires you need to have on your team.

1. CTO

You’ve got to have a strong and reliable CTO. This person will make sure you can build new features quickly and create a scalable code base. Will also manage the entire dev team.

2. VP of Marketing

You absolutely must have a hands-on VP of Marketing after you hit $30k/month in sales. This hire pays for itself because he/she will bring you leads.

3. VP of Sales

There is no way to scale your sales team without a powerful sales leader. Here you need to have a person who can help you hire, train, and manage sales reps. He/she would free up your time and fully own the sales function.

In summary: you’ve got to have a solid CTO, VP of Marketing, and VP of Sales. If you dont or your current leader is weak, start recruiting today. Don’t delay.