How to Do B2B Email Marketing Right

A good way to convert your non paid email list is via content.

You can blast them everyday or every other day with targeted emails.

Here are some B2B email newsletter tips.

1. Include everything in the email

Don’t route your email subscribers to your blog. Instead include everything directly in the email. This should get you around 1% CTR to your website and provide a good way to monetize your emails.

2. Put 3 CTAs about your business

The purpose of email marketing is SALES. Thus, make sure to include 3 actionable CTAs about your business in the email body. The top of the newsletter should have your business name, try to include it somewhere again in the middle, and in the end put a few more sentences about your business.

3. Make the newsletter short but epic

Your newsletter should be consumed in about 5 minutes. BUT … the content must be EPIC. Whoever writes this should be an absolute expert in the field and communicate really well. 

In summary: include everything in the email, put 3 CTAs, and make the newsletter epic.