How to Get Celebs on Your B2B Podcast

Almost every SaaS company has a podcast or YouTube channel.

A good way to reach A LOT people is to interview some celebs or influencers in your space.

Here is how to do it.

1. Identify who to interview

Think about which influencer your target audience would LOVE to watch and share. For example some SaaS leader who built a $10B company or a $100B company. 

2. Email the lead

It should be easy to find the email of every founder/ceo regardless of how big their company is. You can use a tool like rocketreach or apollo or lusha to get their email.

3. Focus on value

Make sure to keep the email SHORT and focus on value to the lead. If your podcast is SMALL, then focus on how niche it is. If your podcast is big, then focus on volume. BUT … make sure everything in the email conveys how much VALUE the influencer will get by interviewing with you.

In summary: identify who to interview. reach out, and close them.