How to Test Your Software Engineers Before Hiring Them

Every tech company needs developers. Further, you need GREAT devs. 

Somebody who can ship code quickly and make things work.

Here’s how you can easily test software engineers before hiring.

1. Make the engineer is excited about the job

When you interview the candidate, make sure he/she is really excited about the job. Because if the job seems OK, then won’t do a long coding test. Thus, share the vision of the company and focus on benefits to the engineer.

2. Get them to do a hard coding test

The BEST way to test engineers is via a coding test. Make them build something complicated. For example by giving a 5 hour coding test you will see everything needed about the skills of your candidate.

3. Evaluate the code 

Get one of your loyal, long term employees to check the coding test. This way you will get a clear PASS or FAIL answer. Ideally get 2 independent team members to check the coding test.

In summary: get the engineer excited about the job, give them a coding test, and get 2 people to independently check the code.