Tips for Your First 2 B2B Sales Reps

One of the hardest things in SaaS is the training and onboarding of sales reps.

Especially the first 2 sales reps in your company.

Here are some important things to keep in mind.

1. Make a repeatable process

You need to have a process in place for how to teach sales reps. If you hope they will just figure things out, that will not work. Thus, you need to have a PROCESS in place for how they can sell. What to say? When? How to overcome objections? Etc.

2. Think about leads

You must have a way to source leads. Identify and find a way to get targeted leads. This has to be a recurring thing instead of a 1 time push. 

3. Look for hard work and hustle

The most important thing in the earlier days is HARD WORK. You need your sales reps to push really hard and be resourceful. The harder they work, the faster they will figure things out. 

In summary: sales is about process, leads, and hard work.