Why You Need to Use an Email Marketing Platform for your SaaS Business

Email marketing is a good way to increase your sales. 

Here is why you need to try an email marketing platform (for example Mailchimp).

1. You can personalize and automate emails

This way you can send emails to the right person and at the right time. For example if the user has not completed the purchase, you can trigger an automatic email reminder.

2. Maximize deliverability and open rates

The key to successful email marketing is reaching the inbox and having high open rates. Having a trusted email marketing platform would ensure this.

3. Effective list management

You will see a ranking of your email subscribers so you can avoid blasting to the lower quality emails. This is important because blasting bad emails will reduce your email reputation and deliverability rates.

In summary: you should absolutely use an email marketing platform for your SaaS business. Mailchimp is a good solution. They’ve been in business since 2001 and have 140 million customers. Dont miss out and sign up for Mailchimp today.