Why Your Business Needs to Use Sales Commission Software

Having a motivated and driven sales team is the absolute key to success in B2B SaaS. 

And if you’re still managing commissions in spreadsheets, that’s a mistake 😅

Here is why you need to consider sales commission software (for example Spiff).

1. Efficiency

You will reduce the time you’re taking to calculate, verify and reverify sales commissions. Thus, you will get some of your time back.

2. Less mistakes

You will reduce manual error because software is right all the time and every time. Managing commission in spreadsheets could definitely lead to mistakes and human error.

3. Increase your sales

Your sales reps will be more motivated because they can track their commissions in real time and even forecast for the year. This way they will push harder and sell more.

4. Transparency

You and your sales reps will have full visibility into the sales commissions. This way you can see how much each rep has earned and each rep can monitor the exact status of their sales commissions.

5. Focus on your core competency

All businesses become successful because of specialization. Thus, it would not be in your best interest to spend so much time on sales commissions. You would be much better off spending that time training and managing sales reps.

In summary: you should absolutely consider sales commission software. We recommend to try out Spiff.com. It’s an effective and powerful sales commission software.