Why You Should Buy Search Functionality for Your Site Instead of Building It

One part many founders/ceos overlook is the SEARCH. Your website or blog or help center must have a great search function. 

But how do you get it? Do you build it? Do you buy it?

Here’s why you should buy search for your site (for example algolia.com)

1. Search is really complicated

Imagine how difficult it would be to build a great search. This would be a massive undertaking and require a lot of engineering time. By buying search you can just integrate it and not have to worry about all the coding.

2. Allows you to focus

The more focused you are, the more successful you will become. By not building search, you can put all the time and effort into your actual business. This way your CORE product will be better.

3. Search is important

Imagine how important search is for your website, blog, or help center? The user is trying to find something specific so he/she can make a buying decision. Thus, you should absolutely buy search because it’s an important piece of converting your website visitors.

In summary: you should definitely NOT build your own search and should just buy the search functionality. This way you will avoid the huge undertaking and can focus on your core business. We found a great search solution for you which is called Algolia.com. Sign up for it and you will have a great search.