How Wouter Durville Grew TestGorilla to 10,000+ Customers

Wouter Durville is the Co-Founder and CEO of TestGorilla.

It’s one of the leading skill assessment platforms which helps businesses hire the right candidates. You can use its library of 400+ online tests to screen job applicants and identify who has the needed skills for the job.

Over 10,000 customers already use TestGorilla to hire the best talent. Thus, we did an exclusive interview with the CEO to understand his methods.

Here are Wouter’s 5 important lessons on scaling.

1. Be focused

The more focused you are, the faster you will grow. Don’t spread yourself too thin by chasing many opportunities. For example if you are trying to sell to mid market, then put 100% of the effort on scaling mid market. The more focused you are, the better and faster results you will achieve.

2. Balance speed and perfection

All tech companies want to ship code quickly but it’s a delicate balance between speed and perfection. Some things need to be perfect and some things you can 80/20. For example you can’t 80/20 your core product value prop, which should be perfect. For other things, try fast experiments so you can gather relevant data and take quick action.

3. Solve your own problems

You would grow much faster if you can clearly understand the pain point your solution solves and your customers. For example, Wouter started TestGorilla because of the pain he felt in hiring at his previous startup. They used to get up to 2,000 applicants for roles but had no easy way to identify WHICH of the 2,000 candidates had the needed skills? Checking 2,000 CVs would take too much time. Thus, he started TestGorilla to solve the problem he personally had in hiring.

4. Evaluate yourself and reflect

A good way to scale your business is to identify which activities made the most impact last quarter. Then you can remove the work which doesn’t help you scale and assign yourself more high impact work. For example, Wouter frequently reflects on his agenda and how he’s spending his time.

5. Create FOMO with VCs

When you are trying to raise venture capital, make sure to find a way to create FOMO (fear of missing out). The venture industry is one of the most FOMO industries. The VC’s are always afraid to miss out on a good deal. Thus, play hard to get and make the VC’s feel like you have many options (and lots of demand).

We hope you enjoyed.

Make sure to sign up for TestGorilla. This way you can try its powerful skill assessments and hire the right candidates for your business.

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