Top 3 Benefits of Automated Testing

You have to make sure that your website works properly in all browsers and devices. Otherwise you will lose clients who are already on your website and looking to buy.

Here are the top 3 benefits of automated testing (also check out

1. Run tests 24/7

The beauty of software is that your tech product can get tested all day and every day. Tests can keep running and checking that everything is working properly.

2. Find bugs sooner

You can run regression tests on every commit, pull request or build to catch problems quickly and fix them right away.

3. Get video

Most modern test automation tools provide a video of the run. This way you can review the video (hopefully at 2X speed) and catch the failure quickly.

In summary: you should absolutely use automated testing. This way you can run tests 24/7 and catch bugs quickly. Check out It’s a great testing solution.