How to Promote Your B2B SaaS Business

Of course you want more customers. 

There are many effective ways to grow your B2B SaaS business and get new leads.

Here are 3 good ways to promote your business.

1. PPC

You should either set up all the PPC campaigns yourself or hire a full time marketing manager. You need to have running and fully optimized Google Ads and Facebook ads (includes instagram). Just pushing properly on Google and Facebook will get you a massive lead pool.

But make sure to focus on profitability. Not watching your unit economics can be detrimental. We recommend KNOWING the exact CAC you’re willing to spend and sticking to it.

2. Street teams

Street teams work well in major hubs like San Francisco or New York. Since many of your customers probably live in these 2 cities … a street campaign could be effective. For example you can have a small team go out every day at the same time and pass out things. 

The key with street teams is REPETITION. You need to do this street campaign for like 10 times in order for people to start talking about you.

Also get creative. Try new things. 

3. Influencer marketing

Getting influencers to make videos about your product is a good way to get new leads. We specifically recommend YouTube campaigns because they deliver good results.

For example you can get a creator who’s watched by your target audience to do a dedicated review or a 60 second midroll integration. The typical CPM you should pay is $25 – $50.

In summary: make sure to set up your PPC, get street teams rolling, and start doing influencer marketing.

PS – check out TestGorilla. It’s an effective way to test the skills of your candidates before hiring them.