Kevin Systrom the Founder of Instagram

The entrepreneur of the day is Kevin Systrom. He is the founder of Instagram and has a net worth of $2.2 billion dollars.

Below are top Kevin Systrom quotes.

1. Your job is to fail your way to success.

2. I look for passion. I think smart people are passionate people. When you ask them what they’re really good at and what they’re really passionate about, usually they can explain it in a way that makes you get inspired about something. Whether that’s about cocktail making or cooking or coding. Smart people have passions in life and that’s really what I look for….

3. The best feature is less features.

4. Don’t do too much, and cut away everything that doesn’t matter to the success of your product. Doing too much can create drag and hinder your ability to get things done.

5. Focusing on one thing and doing it really, really well can get you very far.

6. I wish we would have hired more quickly, but it’s hard to say that given all the success we’ve had. At the same time, who knows, maybe we could have been three times as big.

7. Over time what you do is you simply take in data about what your users are doing and you focus on the stuff that people love the most. The second we focused on the photos with the filters, it became a phenomenon.

8. I really value passion for the product above experience.

9. The lesson I’ve learned is that you need to make sure to always cut what doesn’t work, cut the stuff that isn’t popular, and focus on continually improving your product and your focus….

10. It’s all about feedback based on behavior.

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