Why Every SaaS Company Should do Influencer Marketing

Getting popular influencers to say good things about your product is an effective way to get new customers.

Here is why every B2B SaaS company should do influencer marketing.

1. Get new customers

If you can target the RIGHT influencers, then you would reach your target market. Make sure to find out their REACH and CTR so you can adjust the pay accordingly.

2. Shorten your sales cycle

If a YouTuber does a detailed review of your software, that’s equivalent to a mini DEMO. This way when the lead signs up on your website, your AE will not need to do so much work. Since the lead already understands the product and value. Thus, you would shorten your sales cycle.

3. Increase organic acquisition

If you get BIGGER influencers to promote your business then some smaller creators would review your product for FREE. This happens every time. Thus, the more influencer marketing you do … the more organic clients you get.

In summary: you should do influencer marketing to get new clients, shorten your sales cycle, and increase organic acquisition.