3 Biggest Mistakes SaaS CEOs Make

Being a SaaS CEO is hard. 

Many things go wrong, some employees fail, 80 hour weeks, and constantly putting out many fires.

Here are the 3 biggest mistakes SaaS CEOs make.

1. Over delegating product

You need to be the product OWNER. Meaning you can have product managers who optimize things and help you but you are responsible for product. 

2. Giving up when you run out of money

No matter what happens you need to continue. Reduce salaries, give away more equity, but continue going forward irrelevant of what happens. 

3. Building too many products

The best way to scale is to focus. You need to choose 1 product and make it the best. The more products you build, the higher the likelihood of failure. 

Conclusively: make sure you own product, press on irrelevant of what happens, and be super focused.