Why Your SaaS Business Needs to Use Talent Assessment Software

Hiring the right candidates is absolutely critical to scaling your SaaS business.

But how can you tell which candidate has the right skills? How can you verify?

Here is why you need to use talent assessment software (for example TestGorilla)

1. Test skills before hiring

You should absolutely test the skills of EVERY candidate before hiring them. With talent assessment software you can actually verify the skills. Thus, you would ask the candidate to complete a short test and then go over the results.

2. Have data driven culture

The best way to build a rockstar team is to follow data. If you can verify with data that a candidate is an expert in the field … then you’re hiring the right person (in terms of skills). By using talent assessment software you’re making data driven decisions. 

3. Verify job specific or general skills

Some jobs require specific skills and some jobs require generic skills. For example you might need to test coding/digital marketing OR critical thinking/negotiating. With a good talent assessment tool you can verify either (job specific or general skills).

4. Offer quick tests to candidates

Every job candidate wants to have a quick assessment. The longer the assessment, the more candidates you will LOSE along the way. The best assessment software can offer 10 minute tests. This way the test is not burdensome on the candidates but still provides you valuable data.

In summary: you should absolutely use talent assessment software. This way you can verify candidate skills before hiring and have a data driven culture at your company.

TestGorilla has over 238 tests. They will help you hire the right talent. Try it today.