4 Proven Ways to Increase the Productivity of Your Sales Team

Every company wants to have quota crushing sales reps.

The more productive they are, the more they will close.

Here are 4 proven ways to increase the productivity of your B2B sales reps.

1. Track and measure sales activities

Your reps need to have specific metrics to hit every day AND you need to keep track of their progress. For example, 50 calls per day or 30 emails sent per day.

2. Use the best tools

If you use the best tools, you can save reps TIME. This means they will reach more leads faster and close more deals. For example you need to have a CRM, sales intelligence, sales enablement, e-signature, productivity, account based marketing, and CPQ.

3. Properly train your reps

If your reps are not properly trained, they will not do well. You have to make sure they know all the scripts, the product, the process, and how to actually sell it. We recommend to have a 2 week training period and then let the reps push on their own.

4. Implement the right commission structure

You should carefully evaluate your commission structure because it makes a big difference in performance. It’s actually the high commissions which make sales reps really push. We recommend to use a cascading structure which means higher and higher percentage the more reps sell.

In summary: your sales reps should have specific numbers to hit every day, use the best software, be properly trained, and motivated with commissions.

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