How Ariel Assaraf Scaled Coralogix to 2,000+ Customers

Ariel Assaraf is the Co-Founder and CEO of Coralogix.

It’s one of the leading full stack observability platforms which gets you visibility into your logs, alerts, and metrics.

Over 2,000 customers already use Coralogix as their log management and analysis solution. Thus, we did an exclusive interview with the CEO to understand his methods.

Here are Ariel’s 7 important lessons on scaling.

1. Push through no matter what

Startups are hard. There’s always unlimited work and many surprises. BUT … irrelevant of what challenges come your way, you must find a way to win. For example, when the CEO and CTO left the company in the early days, Ariel had to become the new CEO and steer the ship. This is a huge lesson on never giving up because today the company is very successful.

2. Be patient

During the first 3 years Coralogix had 0 customers. ZERO. Imagine how tough this must have been on the team. But … sometimes you have to be patient while you find product market fit and build a world class solution. First 3 years without customers … but now Coralogix has 2,000+ paying clients and raised $235,800,000 in venture funding.

3. Know where to focus

In order to build an amazing product you have to focus. Ariel specifically honed in on COST and PERFORMANCE. His goal was to reduce cost for customers and offer superior technology. Thus, pursue less … but be the best in what you do pursue.

4. Understand your market

You have to really understand your customers and the pain point your solution solves. For example, Ariel knew that in a mature observability market the product must be powerful and clearly differentiated. You can’t just lean startup over the weekend and have a product that sells to this audience. This is why Ariel and the team took the time to build out a powerful product before trying to conquer the market.

5. Talk to your customers

A good way to improve your product is by speaking with your customers. The key is to ask the RIGHT questions. Don’t try to lead the customer but instead listen and really interview them. For example, you might ask: “What are some features you would be willing to give up?”

6. Communicate with investors

All founders can greatly benefit from having a good relationship with their investors. For example, Ariel communicates with his investors TWICE per month. This way the investors know everything that’s happening in the business and there are no surprises. Being on good terms with investors can help you in many ways … introductions, hiring, advice, funding, etc. 

7. Work hard

Coralogix has 2,000 paying customers and $235.8M in venture funding yet Ariel still works 14 hours per day 6 days per week. That’s pretty intense. It’s actually inspiring that someone so successful still pushes with such determination.

We hope you enjoyed.

Make sure to sign up for Coralogix. This way you will have visibility into your logs, alerts, and metrics.

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