How to Hire a Great VP of Marketing

A VP of marketing is an amazing hire because this person will get you LEADS. 

You can get leads for your SDR team or put them on your free trial.

Here are some things to consider when hiring your VP of Marketing.

1. Look for depth

Your marketing hire should know WAY MORE than you about performance marketing. Make sure to open your Google Ads account and get the candidate to explain what he/she would do to scale and how. Look for specifics. You need to ensure the marketer has a lot more depth about marketing than you.

2. Pay well

This hire is directly tied to leads and sales. Thus, you can pay well because the marketer will be responsible to bring you X leads every month. Meaning it’s not one of those non revenue jobs.

3. Set specific goals

Be upfront about what the marketer will have to deliver and by when. How many leads? How many sales? By what deadline? This way the expectations are clear from the beginning. We recommend to expect a lot and so you can get a lot.

In summary: look for depth of knowledge, pay well, and set specific goals.