How to Make Your SaaS Business Go Viral

It’s tough to go viral. Especially in B2B.

But … you can definitely increase your chances of virality by doing a few things.

1. Make a great referral program

Every company needs to have a good referral program. For example if you have an email signature tool you can give BOTH sides a free 90 days. This way the sender and receiver both feel good and will share. It’s precisely this sharing that will make you go viral. Just make sure the unit economics work for your business.

2. Pay influencers

You can pay BIG influencers to review your product. This works well because not only will they get you SALES but also when BIG guys do reviews … some smaller creators will also review your product for FREE. Thus, you dont even have to pay them or reach out to them.

3. Do stunts

Stunts take more time and effort but they could also work. For example if you live in a dense city where a lot of your customers are like SF or NYC then you can pass out envelopes which contain $1 with an exclusive invite to try your product. The key with stunts is you should do them for a FEW DAYS. For example your street team goes out for 2 weeks in a row … so the entire city will start talking about you.

In summary: if you want your business to go viral then you should make a great referral program, pay influencers, and do stunts.