5 Reasons Why You Should Use RocketReach

Almost everyone in B2B needs to do outbound sales.

This is why it’s so important to provide your sales reps with accurate contact info so they don’t waste time reaching out to the wrong leads.

We found a great solution called RocketReach which would allow you to find accurate EMAILS for your sales prospects.

Here are 5 reasons why you should use RocketReach.

1. Huge database of contacts

RocketReach has data on over 700 million profiles. This means almost EVERYONE you search for will be listed on the platform. Even niche profiles, which are not listed on other email finder solutions, are usually available on RocketReach.

2. Reliable data quality

RocketReach has 90-98% deliverability on verified emails. This means when you get an email on this platform you can TRUST that it’s the correct email address and will not bounce on you.

3. Used by millions

It’s so important in B2B to always use the latest and most effective tools so you don’t fall behind. For example, RocketReach is already used by 16 million users and companies like Amazon, Apple, and Facebook. Thus, you don’t want other businesses to use more effective tools than you.

4. Affordable pricing

This solution has very competitive pricing. For example, it’s only $39/month billed annually ($468) and you get 1,500 lookups per month. That’s a HUGE amount of lookups for your sales team and only costs $39/month.

5. Super easy to use

Some email finder solutions are complicated and not intuitive. RocketReach is great because you can sign up with 1 click and instantly start getting leads. All you have to do is search for your prospect by name or LinkedIn url. RocketReach is literally one of the easiest email finder solutions to use.

In summary: if your sales team does prospecting then you should try RocketReach. It’s a great email finder solution because it has over 700 million profiles, reliable data, affordable pricing, trusted by millions, and easy to use.

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